Mox Muscle Roller
Mox Muscle Roller
Mox Muscle Roller
Mox Muscle Roller

Mox Muscle Roller


Loaded with a whopping 500 MG of Cannabidiol (0.0% THC, that's a lot friends) our Muscle Roller is like your own tiny ice bath in a tube.

This amazing rollerball was perfected for years in the pharmacy to help patients with pain. Like we say at Mox, "hit the knot on the head!"

Leverages the natural powers of hemp-derived Cannabidiol + our pharmacist-designed Mox Herbal Blend.

Cooling Eucalyptus and Wintergreen over-ride the nervous system's pain signaling to provide relief at the source and ease soreness and discomfort.


Mox creates powerful ingredient combinations that utilize premium vitamins, plants and minerals to work with your bodynever against it.


Lead Ingredients

500MG CBD Isolate (0.0% THC)

Eucalyptus helps create a cooling effect

Wintergreen helps ease soreness and discomfort  

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Directions For Use

Roll onto muscles and massage skin until thoroughly absorbed. Repeat as needed. After applying, wash hands with soap and water. Avoid contact with eyes.