What we Do

We’re Here to Help You Feel & Look Great

Mox's "Elevated Human" icon represents our commitment to enhancing the lives of our customers, while elevating expectations of the entire industry.

We don’t sell hope in a jar and if the product isn’t INCREDIBLE you won’t find the Mox name on it.

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How we do it

Formulas rooted in an understanding of biochemistry and how the skin works

Each of our formulas started off in a compounding pharmacy, designed to help heal skin.

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Why we do it

We believe the skin care industry could do better

When water is the first ingredient in a skin care formula you know something's not quite right. Your skin needs vitamins to thrive. Nutrition is the pathway to looking and feeling great. Mox formulas are loaded with nutrition -- in many cases, 40x the typical skin care product!

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Who we are

Pure Colorado

Mox is owned by fourteen families and managed by Coloradoans, Bob Reifsnider and Peter Murane. Our products are made in the USA and our CBD comes from Colorado Hemp Farms.

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Our Mantra

We believe in doing no harm

We believe in doing no harm -- in fact quite the opposite. So we do not load our products with fillers or preservatives that simply create the illusion of healthy skin. We do not test our products on animals either.


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