Who We Are

Listen up: your body is amazing.

And we’re not just saying that so you’ll buy our stuff.
The human body is a wise, wish-fulfilling machine. It’s wired with trillions of cells that know exactly what we need, and how to make it happen.
When we feel tired, we over-caffeinate. When we feel pain, we pop a quick fix. When we feel stressed, we self-medicate. Often, we move further and further away from a natural state of wellness.
At Mox, we believe it’s time to change that.


We’re here to help you take better care of your mind and body. That starts with replacing the water that is the #1 ingredient in nearly all skin care products with nutrition.

Pharmacist-formulated with powerful ingredient combinations that work with your body—never against it.
We trust in the power of plants, vitamins and minerals. Our targeted, highly concentrated products stand apart through ingredient minimalism and formulating strategies that replace water with nutrients + organically-grown CBD. And we never use fillers, parabens or preservatives-ever.