Mox Multivitamin Facial Serum
Mox Multivitamin Facial Serum

Mox Multivitamin Facial Serum


Our proprietary Mox Multivitamin BlendTM (with vitamins A, C, D, E, K and other nutrients) rejuvenates the skin while the restorative properties of CBD and calming plant extracts like chamomile and licorice nourish the skin and improve discoloration, firmness and tone. Leading with one of the most important natural lipids, Squalane, this product is made with ingredients your skin welcomes into the body.    

As we set off to get Mox to you and all of your crew, we are pricing this serum extra low. For now. Trust us, this won't last forever. 

Lead Ingredients

Chamomile creates a calming effect

Licorice reduces irritation   

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Directions For Use

Apply a few drops to damp skin, morning and night. Gently massage into skin to enhance penetration and absorption. Designed for all skin types.